miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2015

Sun Wukong, the monkey king

Done in a couple of drawing sessions, here it is, our personal interpretation of the hero character of the popular chinese (and universal) tale "Journey to the West" and others: Sun Wukong, self-proclaimed "Great Sage, Equal of Heaven". Like the trickster he is, Sun Wukong faces and revolutionized consecutively the four Dragon Kings of the sea, the infernal powers (where he erased his name and the name of all the monkeys from the "Book of Life and Death"), and the Jade Emperor of Heaven and the celestial spirits; finally, the Buddha himself intervened and imprisoned the unruly monkey until that Xuanzang, the buddhist monk, claimed for Sun Wukong to help him in the quest for the buddhist sutras (the final target for the journey to the west)...

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